SAW more then SAW

So last night, i did something i thought i would never do. watch another one of those disgusting Saw movies.. so i popped that clear bootleg in, and sat there, preparing my stomach for the worst. As i expected; it had me curling in my boots, but through all the decapitation, Limbs ripping, Blood & Gore; the movies message is kind of crazy & unique in its own special way.

So the movie i watched was SAW 3d , The latest & said to be the last of these gorish opera’s.. (you like that right?)

anyway, it’s about a serial killer, who puts people in the position to follow there natural instinct trait of staying a live. He would put this person in a position that they do everyday which is usually morally incorrect (did i pitch that right? anyway) for example. The beginning scene, a girl was hanging over a blade, below her were to guys, both of whom believe that they are her special someone. Jigsaw (the serial killer) puts the men in the position to choose weather to kill the other guy, OR let the girlfriend die for being so spiteful. They would have to either push the blade to one or the other OR leave it in the middle and let the girl face her faith, no matter what these two guys choose.. within 60 seconds SOMEONE HAS TO DIE. (HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE?!) (ill let you watch the movie to see what happened next, but what would youuu do?) . Now usually the survivors always have a life changing experience which actually changes them for the better.


Think about the position you would be in? what kind of entrapment do you think you would be put into and why?? most of us may not have the balls to accept that what we do is wrong until we are actually put into the position of the other person.

all though a lot of lives may be lost, a lot of lives will be saved. Jessica doesn’t like the fact of people trying to play god, which is true, but in order to filter out the good, you have to do something to the bad.

I think the blood & gore factor of saw is there because it has become it’s signature move in the movie industry, but the message it brings is kinda life changing if you look through it all.

(What do you think?)



HIV/AIDs Isn’t a Gay Person’s Disease

We’re at yet  another HIV/AIDs awareness month…I’m hoping everyone knows their status. But more importantly, I still believe that there are some people out there that haven’t educated themselves properly on exactly what HIV/AIDs is. I’m so tired of hearing people say “oh, isn’t that something that gay people contract?” No, it’s not. HIV/AIDs can be contracted via unprotected anal, genital, and oral sex from an infected partner’s pre-cum, semen, vaginal secretion, or blood. The infection may also be contracted via open wounds, needles (from drugs), or blood transfusions. So to bypass the infection I recommend wrapping “it” up and if you just so happen to dabble in drugs, please, please, please  use clean needles.  But there’s one other form of protection we don’t talk about.

Communication! Communication can prevent infection. I know that sounds drastic, but think about what would happen if we all decided to be honest with one another and talk to each other. For example, boy meets girl, boy and girl sleep together protected on the first time, boy and girl make their relationship official and stop using protection, girl finds out boy has been texting his ex, so girl goes out to the club and finds a new boy and they sleep together, but the condom pops, so girl feels guilty and her and old boy have make-up sex unprotected to ease her conscious, girl goes to OB/GYN for yearly check-up and finds out she has contracted an STD/STI. I know I went the long way around, but these types of situations happen everyday.

There’s nothing to fear, but fear itself.  Please, please, please find out your status and educate yourself on STD’s/STI’s.

In the mean time check out Denzil Porter’s song Intuition (listen to the message behind the music)…it’s very befitting for HIV/AIDs awareness month. Here’s his link to the song…

Jessica Y. Adams

A Woman’s Worth

D just basically introduced us all to what a virtuous woman is, but I think we should know the textbook definition of what the word really means. Virtuous is simply moral excellence. How many of us ladies are actually striving for moral excellence? Not gossiping behind our bff’s back, sleeping with someone else’s man, or taking advantage of a weak-minded, but very paid man. There are many of us women out there who aren’t proud of the things we’ve done in the past or are currently doing to get and/or keep a man. And yes, I use the collective tense because I’ve been guilty of a few not so virtuous things myself.

The link that D provided to you earlier about what a Proverbs 31 (Virtuous Woman) woman is has some very valuable tips on how to conduct yourself as a lady and not a tramp. Who knows you may get a good man/husband out of it. Like the saying goes “to get something you’ve never had, you’ve got to try something you’ve never done.” But the one part of the verse that I’m challenging us all to do is value ourselves. The part of the verse says: “Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.” Is your price far above rubies? Do you measure your worth by what’s between your legs or what’s between your ears? Do you measure your worth by the latest this and the latest that? I think the verse sends out a message that commands all women to not measure their worth by the things that you wear or the kind of car that you drive. Those things are material and at the end of the day a man will be left wanting more than just a pretty face. And if were careful ladies, we might even be able to turn some of these men we call “dogs” back into the good, God-fearing men they were born to be. But it starts at home with US.

Jessica Y. Adams

Virtuous Women?? Huh??

Hmmm… Mostly Every Single female on the planet are single because they are looking for the perfect man.. Using Social Networks, School, Parties, and anyway possible to hopefully stumble on to this missing link (NOTE:PARTIES ARE NOT THE WAY TO GO)… In this search process, Some lose interest, claiming there is no hope, and begin to do things like sleeping with everything that moves… (maybe im wrong) But this approach only makes it worst. Many Good men, are also looking for good women, but cant seem to find any as well, because majority of them have already taken there leap in to “Single Wild life”, They To May lose interest in the search, and begin doing the same.

Ahhhh, notice the Circle??

well i Believe it’s up to the women, to bring us back to basics.

Women Have so much power over the Mind State of men, but with this new “Independent” trend, i believe the roll is slowing changing shifts.

Recently, My Good Friend Jessica Put me on to “Proverbs 31:Women” It is A bible Scripture which basically describes a perfect woman. As I Read this my Jaw Dropped. It Described a woman; that if i had in my life, i would not be able to live without. It Described a Mother, a Grand Mother, a Goddess, i don’t even know, It was just so amazing to me.

Then I figured, No Man should be able to live without this. I mean you can, but if he had it there wouldnt be any space to be tristful , and it would be stupid to mess this up.

Maybe, Just Maybe if women were to become more virtuous, Marriage would make sense again in our age & time.

P.S. Don’t Think that im blaming it all on women.. im just saying.. “who bit the forbidden apple? and who convinced him to do it?”

(Maybe Im Wrong, What do you think?)

-Denzil Porter

Take Your Hand Out My KOOKIE JAR!!!


Welcome to the kookie jar. Here we will discuss many topics.. when I say many I mean many! stuff that we hide, and usually do not want to speak about. Stuff, that we do, People do, and why they do it, (at least why we think they do it, that’s where your comments come in to play). From Relationships, Science, Religion, Politics, and much much more, the kookie jar will definitely be a part of your daily appetite. Now Dig In.  and remember.. it’s all you can eat, but DON’T BE GREEDY! share with your friends.. 🙂