Who Gives A Eff About Father’s Day???

This title is a little harsh, but it’s how I really feel sometimes. I commend all those men out there that are handling their business, taking care of their kid(s), and keeping their home in order. But, for the ones out here NOT handling their business, you should be ashamed. You don’t deserve the title of father because you don’t even know what it means.

When I say ‘taking care of your kids,’ I’m not merely just talking about financially. I’m talking about all the other stuff. I’m talking about teaching your son how to treat women, teaching your daughter that she should set standards for the other men that will be in her life, teaching your son how to be a man, teaching your daughter that not every man is deserving of her time, teaching your son to set standards for women that will be in his life, teaching your daughter how to carry herself as a lady, etc.

Some men rely too heavily on the women to teach kids the ‘facts of life.’ There are certain things that are just taught better by a man.

If men were to step up and lead in their households and spend some quality time with their kid(s), then maybe boys wouldn’t be out here disrespecting girls and girls wouldn’t be out here disrespecting themselves.

Children need financial security, but they also need the guidance and leadership and nurturing that a father has to offer.


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