Friends…How Many Of Us Have Them???

So, I have a friend that’s going through something right now and it’s obviously a big deal. So, my friend loosely tells me what’s going on and I immediately go into nurture mode. “What’s wrong?” “What may I do to help?” “I’m here if you need me?” Blah, blah, blah stuff like that. Anyway, I get no response. Nothing.

My feelings were even a little hurt to where I was on Twitter sending subliminal tweets geared towards said friend. I know, childish right? But I didn’t know what else to do.

For days I haven’t heard from my friend and I’m starting to think it’s me. But by thinking it’s me I feel that I’m being selfish. Am I? Isn’t it normal to be concerned for a friend and want to make sure they’re ok? Since I’ve been getting ignored, silent treatment, cold shoulder etc. I’ve been wondering why even tell me something’s wrong? Why even let me in on something so personal and then don’t let me know how you’re feeling or how you’re doing? Is it time to let the friendship go? Am I being selfish? Idk…


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