The Great Escape

What is “the Great

Escape”?? you ever feel like dieing? like death is the only escape from your problems? i mean some people may say, “hey give thanks, it could be worst” but what “could be worst” to you, may not be the same for me. We are all different, Traped in our own ways, bothered by our own forms of insecurities & troubles and most of the time, it’s really your consciences that need to escape, but how? because most of the time… nobody understands you, and say stuff like. “Hey, cheer up… It could be worst

Some use Drug’s as there great Escape, some go on vacations, Some go to there families, but what about those who can’t afford any of the above? whats next for them??

Sometimes we ask for the position we are in, maybe not verbally, but our actions are the main subjects to our outcome. On the other hand some people are forced into it.

What’s your “Great Escape” ??

Something to Think about…

-Denzil Porter


One response to “The Great Escape

  1. It’s only normal to feel this way. It’s human nature, and yes, what’s worse for you isn’t always worse for someone else. As a Christian woman it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t leave you with this…when you get a chance go to Psalm 142:5-7…

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