Believe None of What You Hear and Half of What You See

We’ve been through this so many times before. One minute there’s a cure for HIV and then one minute there isn’t. I feel the need to bring this up because of the recent Twitter trend about the man who was cured of HIV.

After all the buzz and me getting overly excited (AGAIN) about the possible cure for HIV I had to find out for myself.

And then I read the article …

Come to find out the man also had leukemia, his immune system had to be completely wiped out, and he needed a transplant. His donor just so happened to have the right type of stem cells that his body needed to war off the infections.

Today, he’s leukemia and HIV free thanks to a donor. His story is remarkable, but I encourage us all do our own reading before we go out spreading the word that there has been a cure. There are millions of other infected people who don’t fit the bill to have this spectacular outcome.

Remember to #knowyourstatus and #wrapitup…here’s the article that about the Berlin patient, check it and pass it along

Stem Cell Transplant Cures HIV In \’Berlin Patient\’


One response to “Believe None of What You Hear and Half of What You See

  1. Great Great sum up.. it’s true to. how many donars are out there with that right type of blood type. i mean seriously. It said they Cured a man, it’s not a cure. he was just “cured”

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