Lying, cheating, and deceit just to name a few reasons this couple may split up

In lieu of today’s trend on Twitter #whyrelationshipsdontlast I figured I would add my two cents. Relationships don’t last for a number of reasons: insecurities, honesty (or lack there of), money (or lack there of), status, communication (either too much or not enough), lack of a friendship foundation, selfishness, lack of affection, pride, jealousy, unwilling to forgive, discouragement, etc.

It’s very odd to me that we’re willing to jump right into a relationship without doing our homework. Just think about it, if we were to truly take time to get to know our significant other we could save ourselves from a lot of heartache. But we want instant gratification. We want what we want and we worry about the rest later. Not smart. The problem is we can’t always trust our feelings when we meet someone. Some of us are so desperate to get into another relationship that we take the next person coming and worry about incompatibilities later. Some of us get into a relationship based on what we want. And let’s face it, everything you want isn’t always necessarily what you need.

I like to think about it in terms of buying a home or a car. You wouldn’t purchase a house or a car without doing some kind of research right? You would want to check the market for buying homes or cars, see if you qualify for a loan, find a realtor, and find a legit car dealership/dealer? So why not approach relationships the same way. By taking your time you can decide who should stay in the friendship category or who can move on to a potential significant other.

Jessica Y. Adams


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