SAW more then SAW

So last night, i did something i thought i would never do. watch another one of those disgusting Saw movies.. so i popped that clear bootleg in, and sat there, preparing my stomach for the worst. As i expected; it had me curling in my boots, but through all the decapitation, Limbs ripping, Blood & Gore; the movies message is kind of crazy & unique in its own special way.

So the movie i watched was SAW 3d , The latest & said to be the last of these gorish opera’s.. (you like that right?)

anyway, it’s about a serial killer, who puts people in the position to follow there natural instinct trait of staying a live. He would put this person in a position that they do everyday which is usually morally incorrect (did i pitch that right? anyway) for example. The beginning scene, a girl was hanging over a blade, below her were to guys, both of whom believe that they are her special someone. Jigsaw (the serial killer) puts the men in the position to choose weather to kill the other guy, OR let the girlfriend die for being so spiteful. They would have to either push the blade to one or the other OR leave it in the middle and let the girl face her faith, no matter what these two guys choose.. within 60 seconds SOMEONE HAS TO DIE. (HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE?!) (ill let you watch the movie to see what happened next, but what would youuu do?) . Now usually the survivors always have a life changing experience which actually changes them for the better.


Think about the position you would be in? what kind of entrapment do you think you would be put into and why?? most of us may not have the balls to accept that what we do is wrong until we are actually put into the position of the other person.

all though a lot of lives may be lost, a lot of lives will be saved. Jessica doesn’t like the fact of people trying to play god, which is true, but in order to filter out the good, you have to do something to the bad.

I think the blood & gore factor of saw is there because it has become it’s signature move in the movie industry, but the message it brings is kinda life changing if you look through it all.

(What do you think?)



One response to “SAW more then SAW

  1. I havent seen any! ….but I Damn sure will see 3 of them before the year is done lol

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