HIV/AIDs Isn’t a Gay Person’s Disease

We’re at yet  another HIV/AIDs awareness month…I’m hoping everyone knows their status. But more importantly, I still believe that there are some people out there that haven’t educated themselves properly on exactly what HIV/AIDs is. I’m so tired of hearing people say “oh, isn’t that something that gay people contract?” No, it’s not. HIV/AIDs can be contracted via unprotected anal, genital, and oral sex from an infected partner’s pre-cum, semen, vaginal secretion, or blood. The infection may also be contracted via open wounds, needles (from drugs), or blood transfusions. So to bypass the infection I recommend wrapping “it” up and if you just so happen to dabble in drugs, please, please, please  use clean needles.  But there’s one other form of protection we don’t talk about.

Communication! Communication can prevent infection. I know that sounds drastic, but think about what would happen if we all decided to be honest with one another and talk to each other. For example, boy meets girl, boy and girl sleep together protected on the first time, boy and girl make their relationship official and stop using protection, girl finds out boy has been texting his ex, so girl goes out to the club and finds a new boy and they sleep together, but the condom pops, so girl feels guilty and her and old boy have make-up sex unprotected to ease her conscious, girl goes to OB/GYN for yearly check-up and finds out she has contracted an STD/STI. I know I went the long way around, but these types of situations happen everyday.

There’s nothing to fear, but fear itself.  Please, please, please find out your status and educate yourself on STD’s/STI’s.

In the mean time check out Denzil Porter’s song Intuition (listen to the message behind the music)…it’s very befitting for HIV/AIDs awareness month. Here’s his link to the song…

Jessica Y. Adams


One response to “HIV/AIDs Isn’t a Gay Person’s Disease

  1. I got tested today…I hope everyone else will as well. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER

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