Virtuous Women?? Huh??

Hmmm… Mostly Every Single female on the planet are single because they are looking for the perfect man.. Using Social Networks, School, Parties, and anyway possible to hopefully stumble on to this missing link (NOTE:PARTIES ARE NOT THE WAY TO GO)… In this search process, Some lose interest, claiming there is no hope, and begin to do things like sleeping with everything that moves… (maybe im wrong) But this approach only makes it worst. Many Good men, are also looking for good women, but cant seem to find any as well, because majority of them have already taken there leap in to “Single Wild life”, They To May lose interest in the search, and begin doing the same.

Ahhhh, notice the Circle??

well i Believe it’s up to the women, to bring us back to basics.

Women Have so much power over the Mind State of men, but with this new “Independent” trend, i believe the roll is slowing changing shifts.

Recently, My Good Friend Jessica Put me on to “Proverbs 31:Women” It is A bible Scripture which basically describes a perfect woman. As I Read this my Jaw Dropped. It Described a woman; that if i had in my life, i would not be able to live without. It Described a Mother, a Grand Mother, a Goddess, i don’t even know, It was just so amazing to me.

Then I figured, No Man should be able to live without this. I mean you can, but if he had it there wouldnt be any space to be tristful , and it would be stupid to mess this up.

Maybe, Just Maybe if women were to become more virtuous, Marriage would make sense again in our age & time.

P.S. Don’t Think that im blaming it all on women.. im just saying.. “who bit the forbidden apple? and who convinced him to do it?”

(Maybe Im Wrong, What do you think?)

-Denzil Porter


4 responses to “Virtuous Women?? Huh??

  1. 5 stars! There is so much truth to this post. This especially resonates with me because Proverbs 31 is probably the most worn page in my Bible. Disclaimer: I do not consider myself religious, instead I label myself spiritual because of the many challenges I’ve had in different churches. But anyways I digress…

    Back in the day I prided myself on preparing to be a Virtuous lady. To me that meant being mentally and spiritually stable and working on myself so I could provide for my “future husband”. This meant going to school, learning to cook, being financially responsible etc.
    When I started talking to guys which was around 17 or 18 (yes, i’m a late bloomer =/ Blame it on the overprotective father) I tried to embody the Virtuous lady. But I realize everything I did was NEVER reciprocated. I put all of my energy into a “relationship” just to be let down. Maybe i was talking to the wrong guys: guys who cheated and didn’t want to settle down or guys who wanted to have their cake and eat it too. But aren’t most guys like that nowadays? No one wants to settle down. God forbid you ask where things are headed or mention the “relationship” word! So yes I’ve been SINGLE for quite some time.
    The cycle you talk about where people lose hope in finding their special someone is probably fueled by heartbreak. The first break-up is devastating, but the next break-up,while heart wrenching, is not nearly as bad as the first. The third becomes even less bothersome. With each break up the natural impulse is to”solve” the problem by terminating the relationship as quickly as possible. It’s so hard not to get jaded when dealing with matters of the heart. So the alternative? The “Single Wild life”. Which however gratifying it might be, it doesn’t ever really fully satisfy you. Hooks-ups are just distractions.

    But how do you even begin to start fixing things? Both parties are pointing the fingers at each other. Guys claim girls are (expletive), cheaters etc and Girls are claiming guys are the same. Sometimes being independent is just a mechanism to protect the heart so you won’t get hurt again.

  2. I can definitely understand what you’re saying when it comes to wanting to be independent to protect your heart, but I’ve come to realize that I have to take a close look at the person I’m considering as a potential boyfriend/potential husband. I completely believe in being “equally yolked” with the man I’m considering (go to Bible or Google) for marriage. We have to be on the same page. I’m striving to be a Virtuous Woman, so I need a man that can be a Virtuous Man. I recommend women reading “Power of Femininty” and “In Search of the Proverbs 31 Man” both books are by Michelle McKinley Hammond.

  3. I recall the times when I felt hopeless. And I took two years to study what it meant to be that Proverbs 31 woman. I got so caught up in the things that I wasn’t doing to line up with that woman that I almost forgot about the first part of the Proverb. There is a question posed. Who can find a Virtuous Woman? Meaning its nearly impossibly to be that Virtuous Woman but it is possible to strive towards being that woman. I also realized that there is no such thing as a Virtuous man, not if we are looking for those qualities in a husband. See Ephesians 6 tells us how a man is to be to that woman he believes is his Virtuous woman. So if us as woman have to return to the basics, than we must go all the way back to the basics. Meaning wait on the Lord patiently for a husband. But we must understand that if we TRULY want God’s will for our lives than we have to submit to God first so that he can bless us with the mate that he has for us.

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