A Woman’s Worth

D just basically introduced us all to what a virtuous woman is, but I think we should know the textbook definition of what the word really means. Virtuous is simply moral excellence. How many of us ladies are actually striving for moral excellence? Not gossiping behind our bff’s back, sleeping with someone else’s man, or taking advantage of a weak-minded, but very paid man. There are many of us women out there who aren’t proud of the things we’ve done in the past or are currently doing to get and/or keep a man. And yes, I use the collective tense because I’ve been guilty of a few not so virtuous things myself.

The link that D provided to you earlier about what a Proverbs 31 (Virtuous Woman) woman is has some very valuable tips on how to conduct yourself as a lady and not a tramp. Who knows you may get a good man/husband out of it. Like the saying goes “to get something you’ve never had, you’ve got to try something you’ve never done.” But the one part of the verse that I’m challenging us all to do is value ourselves. The part of the verse says: “Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.” Is your price far above rubies? Do you measure your worth by what’s between your legs or what’s between your ears? Do you measure your worth by the latest this and the latest that? I think the verse sends out a message that commands all women to not measure their worth by the things that you wear or the kind of car that you drive. Those things are material and at the end of the day a man will be left wanting more than just a pretty face. And if were careful ladies, we might even be able to turn some of these men we call “dogs” back into the good, God-fearing men they were born to be. But it starts at home with US.

Jessica Y. Adams


One response to “A Woman’s Worth

  1. Nice follow up. In Fact a lot of guys are afraid to talk to some women because we are afraid of there status. The car they drive, the things they wear and so on. We feel we may not measure up. and it shouldn’t be that way.

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